In 2009 , by administration of Mr. Vazgon Artion ( the successful and experienced employee of Swiss air and air India airline companies ) , Padmirarah company was established. his great experience was cargo freighting , so that he was the headmaster of cargo station for Swiss’s international airline in Tehran . so he provided the ground for padmirarah company to improve .

According to the company’s activities it’s proved that this company has the most collaboration with the iran air , Turkish airlines , Lufthansa , emirates , …  and the most  company’s cargo freighting to foreign countries is from emam khomeyni’s international airport.



 Considering the need of some passengers for cargo freighting  , sending cargo by airline to another zone , padmirarah freightage company is expert in presenting best services for this mean .

Padmirarah experts have great experience in cargo freighting to USA , Canada , Australia , Germany ,… and they can give you great advices according to their science and experience.

The main purpose of Padmirarah in cargo freighting is delivering the cargo to the destination without damage in the least time , so the client will be satisfied and that’s why we are improving 





Some of the passengers that intend to reside in another country  , don’t have enough information about their destination and in this case they will face many problems .

The best way to gain information about cargo freighting is consulting with experienced freighting companies advisors . padmirarah company is one of the experienced companies in cargo freighting to different  points of the world.

By presenting free advices about cargo freighting ,  padmirarah gives you dear passengers useful informations.



با توجه به نیاز بسیاری از مسافران  به فریت بار | ارسال بار | حمل بار هوایی  ، که قصد عزیمت به نقاط دیگر جهان را برای مدت طولانی دارند . شرکت حمل بار هوایی پادمیرا راه با ارائه بهترین خدمات در زمینه ی ارسال بار به تمام نقاط دنیا تخصص بالایی دارد . کارشناسان پادمیرا راه دارای تجربه ی  بالا در فریت بار به آمریکا ، فریت بار به کانادا ، ارسال بار به استرالیا و... می توانند مشاوره ی عالی در این زمینه برای مسافران ارائه کنند . که این مشاوره بر خواسته از علم و تجربه ی کارشناسان ماست .

هدف اصلی پادمیرا راه در زمینه ی ارسال بار و فریت بار انتقال ، محموله بار هوایی  بدون آسیب دیدگی و در اسرع وقت به مقصد مسافر است  و رضایت مشتری مهمترین عامل پیشرفت ماست . 

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