standard Packing of all the furniture (fragile staff, library, clothes, etc.) in place .

The Expert staff brings the required packages ( in standard sizes ) to your place and pack anything you want like fragile objects and furniture in the standard way , then take them for freight .

The cargo must be packed by an specialist for the reasons below :

۱) most people that intend to travel or migrate to other countries , won’t do freighting more than twice , so if they want to pack their cargo themself , probably they will not do it in the standard way and will encounter some problems that will be mentioned later . one of the main problems is that packing cargo by a non-specialist will cause volume weight for the cargo .

What is volume weight ?

All airline companies have a unit formula for calculating the volume weight of a cargo . the formula is that if the real weight of cargo is more , the cargo receipt is set by the real weight of cargo , otherwise , if the volume weight is more , the receipt will be set by that .

For example , if you want to freight 500 kg of cotton , although the real weight is 500 kg , but it will occupy much more space than it’s weight in the airplane , so that the freight company will calculate the volume weight of the cargo instead .

The formula is this :

Volume weight = (pack length) x (pack width) x (pack height) / (6000)

Note : the dimensions are calculated per centimeters .

As said , the cargo must be packed by the specialist to avoid additional cost to spend .

۲) it has been seen that some passengers , because they do not know the rules of freight , will put objects like hair spray , perfume , cosmetics , … in their cargo that is against the law ; so they will be forced to open their packages and bring out that things . in addition to the waste of time , additional cost must be spent to repack the cargo .

The packing specialist is awared of these rules and won’t put the not-permitted objects in the package .

۳) the packages must be of a suitable material for the safety of cargo . the passengers themself will pack the cargo in a non-standard packages ; this will make many problems because some countries like Australia , USA and Canada will ban the cargo for possible pollutions . the other problem is that the fragile objects will be damaged during the flight .

Padmirarah company will provide standard and safe packages for your cargo to avoid these kind of freight challenges .

۴) the private accessories and equipment will be insured by padmirarah company up to 20 $ per Kilograms . suppose that you want to freight a valuable cargo , if you don’t call an specialist from a freight company to pack and send your cargo and pack it yourself , if the the cargo be damaged during the flight , the airline won’t pay you the compensation of damage .

As result , if you use the padmirarah company services for cargo packing , you will be confident about your cargo , because of standard packing and insurance .

۵) after packing the objects in your place , Padmirarah company will take your cargo to the Imam Khomeiny’s International airport and pallets the cargo packages to make it ready for freight !

Packing the cargo is one of the most important things in freight . cargo separates in two categories :

First :

small & fragile objects like kitchen accessories , bag , shoes , crystals , carpet , books , … .

Item list or packing list is one the documents that must be provided correctly and accurately and be presented to the customs of initial and destination countries . padmirarah company staff will arrange the Item list while packing the furniture .

Second :

Large cargo like furniture , chairs & tables , buffet , … .

In freight , if Large cargo is considered , After the primary packing with bubble nylons , wooden boxes are built for them by special paper and foam to make the safest packing and avoiding cargo damage during the flight .

Padmirarah company has enough experience to safely pallet pack your cargo and deliver it to destination without damage .

after the customs process the cargo will be pallet packed  to avoid damage , loss and more safety .