mostly the passengers are worried about the health of their cargo. padmirarah freight company presents standard services in packing of different kind of cargos and by it’s expert staff in cargo packing , has presented bestservices for people of iran that want to have a long term travel to foreign countries. for more information , read “about packing” .

padmirarah main services

۱-standard Packing of all the furniture (fragile staff, library, clothes, etc.) in place .

۲-Loading cargo for freight

۳-arranging customs process with or without the presence of passenger: padmirarah company obey’s the wish of client about the customs formalities that either the client wants to follow the proccess himself or not . in this case , the representative of company will arrange the formalities for the client.

۴-pallet packing of the cargo if needed: after the customs formalities for avoiding possible damage to cargo , the cargo will be pallet packed this proccess will be done under the observation of the specialist.

۵-getting the cargo receipt for freighting the cargo to the destination : padmirarah gets the cargo receipt from the airline companies to freight your cargo to the destination in the least time and with the lowest cost

why padmirarah

 Considering the need of some passengers for cargo freighting  , sending cargo by airline to another zone , padmirarah freightage company is expert in presenting best services for this mean .

Padmirarah experts have great experience in cargo freighting to USA , Canada , Australia , Germany ,… and they can give you great advices according to their science and experience.

The main purpose of Padmirarah in cargo freighting is delivering the cargo to the destination without damage in the least time , so the client will be satisfied and that’s why we are improving

Most of the passengers and migrants to the other countries have cargos like home furniture , private accessories , kitchen accessories (fragile objects) , clothes , books , … that they can’t take them by themselves , so they have to use the cargo freighting companies services . cargo freight is a way that makes the relocation of your accessories easier .

Padmirarah freight services company freights your cargo by it’s experienced and expert staff by the way below :

۱- Packing your cargo in your place by it’s specialist packing team .

۲- The cargo will be transported to Imam Khomeyni airport by company’s cargo vehicles .

۳- the customs formalities of freight will be arranged and done by the company .

۴- the cargo will be pallet packed .

۵- the airline companies permissions will be taken for freight